Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Thoughts I had while watching Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

yay, vod! ooh, tyres!

ok, maybe i can get behind this one episode ...

 ... oh, ffs, daleks. as you were/


mr pink is hot

aw, and cute :-) 

(clara is of course sultry super-confident vampish type. CHARACTERISATION!)

clara, tell me - am i a good man?

oh, here we go. yet more episodes about how tortured the doctor is/


plotty plotty plot. can daleks be good? sass. betrayal. fall into a pit of liquidated people/


god it's fucking infuriating the way moffat thinks it's funny to have his protagonists insult the looks of beautiful women to show how not-attracted to them they are. (sherlock pulls this shit with molly all the bloody time and i am sick of it)/


oh, clara resorts to physical violence when she's angry with the doctor, because of course she does. LOOK IT'S NOT OK JUST BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN, PHYSICAL VIOLENCE IS NOT OK/


so what do we do? something better

god forbid any other characters come up with a workable plan, or even, like, just an idea/


is he mad or is he right? 


ohh great, missy. i'm sure she won't turn out to be river song with different coloured hair/


i think you're probably nice. underneath it all, i think you're kind and definitely brave. i just wish you hadn't been a soldier

what is with this show's weird attitude to soldiering? clara was condescending to mr pink about it, now the doctor is condescending to vod (oh god i didn't even learn her name). we're approaching endgame now, so maybe there'll be some grand point to make. oh, but first, clara's date. this'll be excruciating/


sort of short and roundish but with a good personality which is the main thing

oh god moffat you are a dick/

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