Monday, 16 April 2012


The purpose of this post is for me to practise putting pretty pictures on my blogs. If you like photos of beautiful skies, taken on a crappy camera out of the window of my room, read on! If you don't, or if you'd rather look at something a little less self-indulgent today, skip this one :-)

30th March 2012

1st April 2012

I have always been a bit in love with the sky. Apparently it's a very adolescent taste, much like sweet wine rather than dry, and chocolate rather than olives. My parents in particular make fun of me for my sentimental leanings. But seriously, who isn't in love with a sky that looks like this?

8th March 2012, 20:02

The next few were all taken on the same evening. I took dozens of photographs that night, because every time I looked out of the window, the sky had changed, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically, and I felt ( please excuse this pretentiousness) privileged to see it.

8th March 2012, 20:11

Only 9 minutes later than the previous image, but the light seems to be coming from a totally different place and this, coupled with a bit of a zoom out, changes things from fairly turbulent to more serene.

8th March 2012, 20:23

This is the penultimate photograph I took, and it may not be a great image, but it's an amazing foreshadow of the final picture of the night. The clouds are lowering and the uplight is quite evenly spread, and you can just see the beginnings of the pinkish tinge which is so spectacular in the final photograph, taken 24 minutes later ...

8th March 2012, 20:47
And there it is. Gorgeous. I am lucky enough to be living in a place with this view out of my window. It is pretty high up on my list of pros for the place. My list of cons includes dodgy internet connection, an extremely temperamental shower, expensive laundry facilities, an electric hob (never got to grips with those) and badly fitted windows which mean that when I'm in bed, my head is in a draft. But honestly? This view makes all those pale into insignificance. Sentimental it may be, but it's good enough for me.

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