Thursday, 10 November 2011


So, boyish. I toyed with various versions of this name, and lots of them involved 'boi' rather than 'boy', but I wasn't convinced that I'd always be happy with that formulation, plus there would be that unattractive double-i in the middle. So, boyish it is.

It'll do.

This is a space for me to formulate my random thoughts - thoughts that I have while I'm on the train or lying awake at night and which seem to have nowhere to go, and which sometimes distress me. So I'm hoping that writing them down might help - or at least make me aware of whether they are worth spending more time thinking about them or not! Another vague aim is to 'improve my writing' - or at least reduce the frequency with which I use dashes. I use those too much. I'd like to become more articulate in the short, casual form, as opposed to the long, academic form that I am accustomed to. I also fancy some kind of record of the interesting things that I stumble across on the internet and have some kind of reaction too, so there will be plenty of re-postings of things that have moved me. There will be no 'posting schedule'. I am busy and lazy and not-at-all consistent, so expect 3 posts in a day and then nothing for weeks.

There's no particular theme, although I imagine gender will crop up a fair amount - almost certainly more than anything else will. Or rather, pretty much anything I talk about will be related to gender at some point.

If I've invited you here, it means I trust you to be nice - or at least, not to throw things. Please don't throw things.

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